in Time | Symposium RIGHT to the City, part I

Symposium co-organised with Raquel Rolnik and Zeyno Pekunlu. The first part reflects on the neoliberal city and housing policy, on mega urban projects and social movements of resistance. It brings together artists, activists and academics from Turkey and from several Brazilian cities.


28 September
2pm - 3pm – Financialisation of Housing: Life as a Fictitious Commodity
, by Raquel Rolnik

3pm - 5pm – Panel discussion and presentations of case studies, with Fırat Genç (TOKI), Simone Gatti and Arnaldo Melo (Nova Luz), Guilherme Boulos (MTST) and Evaniza Rodrigues (UMM).

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Bienal Pavilion, Park area, Ground floor
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