Turning a Blind Eye | Cartografia da Amazônia

October 22, Wednesday • 3pm - 6pm
Public talk and screening (click for videos)

From April to August 2012 in Belém do Pará, the group qUALQUER qUOLETIVO started a research for critical points of this enigma called "Amazon". It was turned into a physical and digital dossier: the cartography of Amazon. Some specific topics emerged: "Prologue: Dangerous and Fun", "Desire for Power", "We are on strike", "Local Area Networks, Autonomy", "Epilogue: Between rivers, streets and streams." Coordinated by Giseli Vasconcelos and organised by Mateus Moura, Romario Alves, Ícaro Gaya, Lucas Gouvea, Bruna Suellen and Arthur Leandro, among other contributors. The process (which will always be in process) aims, among other things, "look high, low, inside, outside, in the eyes in the mirror" to the "forest-puzzle".

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Bienal Pavilion, Lecture Space, Park area, Ground floor
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