Turning a Blind Eye | Rivers and Streets

October 29, Wednesday • 7pm - 9pm
José Bueno, Luiz de Campos and Juliana Gatti
Public talk: Rivers and Streets

As part of the Faap Artistic Residency, international participating artists of the 31st Bienal de São Paulo are in residence at the city to develop their projects for #31Bienal. On October 29th, artists Bik Van der Pol meet Rivers and Streets initiative for a conversation at Lutetia Building, Faap.

For decades, the São Paulo population has been led to believe that the rivers of the city's citizens are enemies because they bring stench, disease, floods, prevent the occupation and obstruct the flow of traffic. Such belief has justified the progressive burial of a fabulous mesh drainage revealed in the summer - the rainy season - when hundreds of streams and creeks running back on the streets. The Instituto Harmonia [Harmony Institute] believes that urban sustainability includes the recognition of this nature in the city, the chance to enjoy it and the need to preserve it alive and visible for future generations. Through workshops and urban expeditions, Rios e Ruas [Rivers and Streets] initiative developed by the Urbanist José Bueno with Geographer Luiz de Campos Jr and Biologist Juliana Gatti intends to reveal a deeper reality enabling a change in the look of São Paulo to the rivers and trees city where they live and work. Raising awareness of São Paulo to a new life with the living elements of the urban nature of São Paulo is to deepen the reflection on the use of public space, on the development of the city we live in as well as the future that we will leave as a legacy for our children and grandchildren.

October 25, Saturday • 3pm - 5pm
Meeting at Vila Mariana Subway Station

November 8, Saturday • 10am - 12.30pm
Expedition Riacho da Coruja
Meeting at Vila Madalena Subway Station (exit to the Bus Terminal)

Applications by sending message: facebook.com/TurningABlindEye

Meeting at Vila Mariana Subway Station
Meeting at Vila Madalena Subway Station (exit to the Bus Terminal)
FAAP - Lutetia Building (Praça do Patriarca, 78)
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