Turning a Blind Eye | Video nas Aldeias

November 5, Wednesday • 3pm - 6pm
Ana Carvalho, Rosangela de Tugny, Toninho Maxakali and Marilton Maxakali
Screening + Public talk: Vídeo nas Aldeias

Established in 1986, Vídeo nas Aldeias is a pioneer project in the field of indigenous filmmaking in Brazil. Since it’s foundation, the project supports indigenous peoples’ struggles in order to strengthen their identities, their territorial and cultural heritage through audiovisual resources. Placing the camera as a communication tool between indigenous and non-indigenous people at first, the project has gradually become a film school for natives. The continuous work, besides establishing the country’s first generation of indigenous filmmakers, has created an important image archive of indigenous peoples in Brazil, produced over 70 films (35 of them by indigenous filmmakers), most with national and international recognition, and has made Vídeo nas Aldeias a strong reference in its field.

Survival and reverberation between the Tikmũ'ũn and the Yãmĩyxop

With a population of about 2,000 people, reduced to a tiny territory in Brazil, where the conditions of native life are not insured, the tikmũ'ũn community is systematically understood by the surrounding society as remnants of indigenous societies, destined to join the modes life of the white population, without any consideration about a reviewed project for their land. However, these people and their yãmĩyxop powers are systematically rejecting the integrationist logic of the government, by multiplying the reverberation of image and sound that they do by their songs and drawings, demonstrating force and contemporaneity in their expressive forms.

Bienal Pavilion, Park area, Ground floor
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