Turning a Blind Eye | Campo Limpo, by Agência Popular de Cultura Solano Trindade

October 10, Friday • 
Agência Popular de Cultura Solano Trindade
Workshop and Talk

Agência Popular de Cultura Solano Trindade Agencia Popular de Cultura Solano Trindade's mission is to foment popular culture by making artistic production viable in the outer city limits of São Paulo, building strategies for self-funding and economic sustainability. Through this initiative, it seeks to understand more about the relationships of production, consumption and commercialisation of services, products and cultural knowledge, and thus contribute to the development of the local creative economy. During the 31st Bienial the Agencia is curating a series of saraus and performative gatherings on Wednesdays and Sundays as part of the Programme in Time.

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Bienal Pavilion, Park area, Ground floor
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