Turning a Blind Eye | Drawing in Public Spaces

October 29, November 12 • 2.30pm - 5.30pm
Carla Caffé and Paulo von Poser
Workshop series: Drawing in Public Spaces

Drawing classes by Carla Caffé and Paulo von Poser on what one does not see, brings participants to contested public spaces and invisible underground waterways. Through making drawings in public spaces in the city with a large team of students and other participants –for example the public- will observe the urban landscape, on site. ‘Drawing in public spaces’ will trigger a sensitivity to those in the public space, causing engagement of those who are not involved, making visible urban details that citizens are not used to see or take notice of. Through these readings OF THE CITY, the hidden will be revealed through the language of drawing. All drawings will be collected and organized to become part of a video document that will be made available to the universities and the Bienal.

October 29, Wednesday • 2.30pm - 5.30pm
Collective Drawing
Viaduct Santa Ifigênia (click for the location)
Meeting point in São Bento Station at 2pm

November 12, Wednesday • 2.30pm - 5.30pm
Individual Drawing
Ladeira da Memória (click for the location)
Meeting point in Anhangabaú Station at 2pm 

Participants should bring material to draw: A3 paper, graphite, ink, pens, brushes, markers and watercolor.

Applications by sending message to: facebook.com/TurningABlindEye

Viaduto Santa Ifigênia, Centro, São Paulo
Ladeira da Memória, Anhangabaú, São Paulo
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