Turning a Blind Eye | Redesigning the common space of Minhocão

October 26, Sunday • 4pm - 7.30pm
Alexander Pilis
Workshop and walking tour: Redesigning the common space of Minhocão
* Meeting for workshop at Marechal Deodoro Subway Station at 3.30pm
Presentation at Associação Parque Minhocão • 6pm - 7.30pm

The public at large and students from various schools; architecture, art, science, film, audio and theater, are invited to engage by drawing on, under and sectioning the Minhocão; designing the passionate, critical and lyrical belief in the Minhocão as a 'Common Space'.

Sectional Workshop: Re-Design/Re-Draw the Minhocão as a social architectonic construct.
Introduction: Histories and Concepts by Alexander Pilis
Bring material to Draw: A3 paper block, Supportive cardboard to place A3 paper sheet, Pencils, Carbon Crayons, Rubber, Scissor, Glue.
Documentation: Camera: still and video movement.
All drawings will be digitally photographed during the process and in the final state. Video of drawing process engagement at the Minhocão.

Alexander Pilis is an architectural investigator, working under the aegis of "Architecture Parallax". Pilis was born in Rio de Janeiro and lives-works in Barcelona, Toronto and São Paulo. Trained as an architect, he has taught at the University of Toronto in the School of Architecture and the Department of Fine Arts. He taught the program the Metropolis Masters in Architecture and Urban Culture, a collaborative project between the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona and the Pompeu Fabra University. The Blind Architect: Visual Crisis is an extension, and a summation of his quarter-century of exploration into the nature and meaning of what he calls "Architecture Parallax". It is a research praxis that poses questions, how to think, articulate, and represent an ordering system that is not dependent upon a visual singularity.


Minhocão - highway over Av. São João
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