Turning a Blind Eye | Café Educativo: Blind Taste

October 30, 31; November 1, 2
Jorge Menna Barreto, Jefferson Mota, Leandro Lopes, Elaine de Azevedo, Neka Menna Barreto, Fernando Ataliba, Adilson Gonçalves. 
Workshop: Café Educativo: Blind Taste

What if we were to reimagine our digestive system, expandind the drawing to include not only our digestive tracts, but the impact of our eating on the environment and on every cell of our bodies? Café Educativo: Blind Taste consists in two moments: a workshop on food activism and the production of green smoothies to be sold at the Bienal's restaurant. The workshop will revolve around the idea of how our eating habits define our inner and outer landscape, thus bringing up a discussion on agroecology, locavorism, veganism and site-specificity. The green drinks will be made from local fruits and vegetables, inspired in the wild edibles that grow spontaneously in Park Ibirapuera. Jorge Menna Bareto with Jefferson Mota, Leandro Lopes, Fernando Ataliba, Elaine Azevedo, Neka Menna Barreto and Adilson Gonçalves. Café Educativo is an ongoing project of Jorge Menna Barreto and is part of MAM-SP collection since 2012.

October 30, Thursday • 2pm - 5pm
Jorge Menna Barreto
Introduction to the concepts discussed in the workshop Café Educativo: Blind Taste by Jorge Menna Barreto: site-specificity, agroecology, wild edibles and food activism.

October 31, Friday • 11am
Sitio Catavento is a farm in the city of Indaiatuba, São Paulo, where Fernando Ataliba has been cultivating organic fruits and vegetables since 1997. Also a sociologist, Fernando is aware of the political implications of land use and its impacts on society and environment. 

November 1, Saturday • 9am - 7pm
Workshop: Café Educativo: Blind Taste
9am - 12pm Presentation and discussion with Jefferson Mota on wild edibles. Tour around Ibirapuera Park, indentifying and collecting plants.
12pm - 2pm Picnic in the Ibirapuera Park.
2pm - 5pm Presentation and drawing workshop with Leandro Lopes. Drawing of the plants collected or photographed in the morning, as a means to de-accelerate perception and observation and really become more familiar with the wild plants and its details. 'You have not seen it, if you haven't drawn it'. 
6pm Elaine de Azevedo and Neka Menna Barreto - experiments with food, texture, smell and taste. Food activism. Expanding our sense of taste to include what happens beyond our mouths and what happens in every cell of our bodies. Pleasing not only a personal sense of taste, but an environmental and cellular one.

November 2, Sunday • 9am - 7pm
Workshop: Café Educativo: Blind Taste
9am - 12pm Fernando Ataliba will talk about organic farming and its challenges, telling the story of his farm Sítio Catavento in São Paulo.
2pm - 5pm Adilson Gonçalves will speak about agroforestry and the life in Barra do Turvo.
6pm wrapping it all up and juice fest with by Jorge Menna Barreto.

Bustour to Indaiatuba city
Bienal Pavilion, Park area, Ground floor
Bienal Pavilion, Park area, Ground floor
Bienal Pavilion, Park area, Ground floor
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