Turning a Blind Eye | Home & Away #4: The Translator

November 14, Friday • 10am - 2pm
Eloise Sweetman, Dr. Alcides Villaça and Alexandre Barbosa de Souza
Public Talk: Home & Away #4: The Translator

Home & Away #4: The Translator, by Eloise Sweetman, travels to the 31st Bienal for a public talk with Dr. Alcides Villaça (Poet and Professor of Literature) and Alexandre Barbosa de Souza (Writer and Translator) on poetry and ethics of translation. Through the poetry of Brazil’s preeminent poet João Cabral de Melo Neto, the group consider landscape in relation to language, and the translatability of society through poetry. What responsibility does the poet and translator have to the work, to the interpretation, and society?

Home & Away is a thematic program series, which travels from West Den Haag to cities such as Perth, and São Paulo, to think about what it is to be away, or stay at home, and how this impacts on both art production and consumption. The event will be held in Portuguese and English.

Bienal Pavilion, Dialogue Room, Ground floor
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