Turning a Blind Eye | Workshop with Zezão

October 28, Tuesday • 2pm - 4pm

José Augusto Amaro Capela, Zezão, started in the 90s with the underground graffiti in the city of São Paulo. He started to paint walls in streams of sewage, so that he attracted unusual attention to urban landscapes, stirring dialogue and discussion on political, social and ecological aspects. Through a critical approach, his project aims to promote environmental awareness and conscious consumption of water, with sustainability as a focus. On October 28, Zezão will minister workshops on these topics and talk about his experiences over 20 years of career.

November 11, Thursday • 2pm - 4pm
Zezão will conduct a tour to the Mandaqui Stream, so that participants can experience the meeting of the main rivers of São Paulo.

Applications by sending message to: facebook.com/TurningABlindEye

Meeting at Av. Engenheiro Caetano Álvares, 55 – Limão
Bienal Pavilion, Dialogue Room, Ground floor
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