in Time | Symposium Trans-(religion/gender)

Co-organised with Carlos Gutierrez and Projeto Nova Jersualem/Digital Art Lab, the program brings together academics, artists and representatives of the creeds under discussion to explore the possibility of a symmetrical anthropology in public debate. From the 3rd of November to the 10th, the COMO_clube builds up situations, mediates conversations, interferes and intervenes in time and space. Click here to access the description of the activities.


November 8, Saturday
Religion as a transphenomena
12h-13h Religion, Laicity and Secularism in Brasil, Paula Monteiro
13h Lunch
15h-20h New Jerusalem Project
Introduction and Mediation: Eyal Danon and Benjamin Seroussi
15h15-16h Power Engineering, governability and controversies invovling the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Carlos Gutierrez
16h30-18h Creating the Jerusalem Experience, project of Efrat Shvili with Joerg Bader and Alona Nitzan-Shiftan
18h30-20h No land is holly, nor human, Dias & Riedweg and Peter Pál Pelbart
20h FERVO_Fake Ritual, COMO_clube

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Bienal Pavilion, Park area, Ground floor
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