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RIGHT to the City, part II The second part of the RIGHT to the City symposium, co-organised by Raquel Rolnik and Zeyno Pekunlu, aims to discuss two connected issues in two places. The first day will analyse current crowd control politics regarding the criminalization of the poor and the militarization of the police in both Brazilian and Turkish cities. The second day will look more broadly at the role of engaged art in urban contexts, its relation to activism and the question of who benefits from such practices.

November 23, Sunday
The Role of engaged (activist) Art
Mediation: Galit Eilat

12h - 12h45: Dividual Activism in Machinic Capitalism, Gerald Raunig
13h - 14h30: Lunch break + Book Launch The Space as the Work: Actions, Art Collectives and City, by Joana Zatz Mussi
14h30 - 15h: Urban Temporalities and Artistic Actions: mutual tension at the present time, Vera Pallamin
15h - 15h30: “Can be Seen until the Demolition”: Urban Ruins, Street Art, and Gentrification in İstanbul, Begüm Özden Firat
15h30 - 18h: Round table - The Role of engaged (activist) Art and its beneficiaries, Ali Taptik, Flavia Lobo de Felício e Caio Castro, Grupo Contrafilé, Meir Tati, Serkan Taycan

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Bienal Pavilion, Park area, Ground floor
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