Turning a Blind Eye | Parque Augusta, Rede Novos Parques SP and the water crisis

November 25, tuesday • 4pm - 6.30pm
Maru Whately (Aliança pela Água), Cesar Pegoraro (SOS Mata Atlântica), Caio Ferraz da Silva (cineasta do filme Entre Rios), Delcio Rodrigues (Instituto Ekos Brasil), Movimento Parque Augusta, Rede Novos Parques SP
Public Talk: Parque Augusta, Rede Novos Parques SP and the water crisis


The Parque Augusta Movement aims to draw attention to the last remaining green area of rainforest in the city of São Paulo, known as Parque Augusta, and the current neglect of the last remaining green areas in the city center of Sao Paulo. After an intense year of mobilization to gain total maintenance of this green area, the movement has begun to engage with other movements of endangered green areas in the metropolis. We have formed the New Parks Network SP with the aim of strengthening this attention. With the current water crisis in the city and state of São Paulo, the agenda of green areas is strengthened and appears stronger and more urgent than ever. Beyond the state of the infrastructure crisis, the Parque Augusta aims to show that the water crisis in São Paulo is also a consequence of local, state and federal neglect of the environment and the cities. At the municipal level by increasing the metropolitan heatisland and the reduction of green areas and permeable. At the state level by the rapid deforestation of the Atlantic Forest and the watersupply crisis. At the federal level by the absence of effective environmental preservation strategies, in which the rapid deforestation of Amazonia and the contribution to global climate change is the ultimate contemptuous expression.

Bienal Pavilion, Park area, Ground floor
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