Event with El Hadji Sy

Artistic Residency FAAP

Event with El Hadji Sy


As part of the Faap Artistic Residency, international participating artists of the 31st Bienal de São Paulo are in residence at the city to develop their researches and prepare new projects to be presented at the Bienal Pavillion on September 2014. On May 28th, artist El Hadji Sy meet the curator Benjamin Seroussi for a talk centered on his project for the 31st Bienal. The conversation is the first of a series to happen before the exhibition opening. It offers a special opportunity to learn more about the practices of different participants and their projects for the Bienal.


May 28th, 7PM
Lutetia Building (Praça Patriarca, 78, São Paulo).

Registration required: http://bit.ly/1tozAFW


About the artist

The forced travel of slaves crossing the Atlantic throughout centuries not only shaped great part of Brazil’s cultural and political history – it also resulted in an ocean that is literally filled with bodies – bodies that, if we pay enough attention, we might be able to see and feel. This image is the basis Marine Archaeology, El Hadji Sy’s (1954, Dakar, Senegal) contribution to the 31st Bienal: a corridor delimited on the one side by an oceanic path suspended from the ceiling and made up of these bodies, lined in parallel to an enormous baobab that, like a giant octopus with large tentacle-branches, gathers those bodies around itself and retains the memory of its histories.


About the Artistic Residency

Lutetia Building (Praça Patriarca, 78, São Paulo)
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