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Opening weekend
Artwork Activations, performances and program in Time events in the 31st Bienal's first weekend

The 31st Bienal begins this weekend. Besides the exhibition, artwork activations, performances and program in Time events are waiting for the visitors. Check out the schedule:

September 6th, Saturday • 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Artwork Activation | Marine Archaeology, by El Hadji Sy

Activation of El Hadji Sy's piece, which expresses the journey forced upon slaves crossing the Atlantic over the centuries. Marine Archaeology is composed of a corridor blocked on one side by an ocean passageway suspended from the ceiling and composed of these bodies, aligned in parallel to an enormous baobab tree which, like a gigantic octopus with enormous tentacle/branches, joins these bodies around it and retains the memory of their stories.

September 6th, Saturday • 3 p.m.
Performance | I'm no singer, by Marta Neves

The performance challenges the grandeur and noise of the space inside the Bienal Pavilion and Ibirapuera Park. Marta Neves will sing songs chosen by visitors interested in hearing her amateur singing voice. The action creates a situation of “possible micro-friendship” between the artist and the other. While it might be a presentation, it's not a spectacle. It is foremost something very small, situated within the “invisibility of affections.”

September 6th, Saturday • 4 p.m.
Artwork Activation | Space to Abort, by Mujeres Creando

The collective Mujeres Creando will realize a public and participatory procession/performance against the patriarchal dictatorship of the female body. The idea is to promote an environment of discussion and dialogue with the help of a giant movable uterus that will leave the park from the Bienal Pavilion. The issues at hand are the implications of abortion, the colonization of the female body and possible meanings for sovereign decision-making, free-will and freedom of conscience in a contemporary democracy.

September 6th, Saturday • 7 p.m.
Performance | One Hundred Thousand Solitudes, by Tony Chakar

In a lecture/performance, Tony Chakar examines images of the Arab revolutions and different movements of occupation all over the world through social media.

September 7th, Sunday • 3 p.m.
Performance | There's an ocean in this park, by Marta Neves

This performance by Marta Neves recruits people carrying ironing boards like surfboards and wearing surfers' clothing, to invade the space inside Ibirapuera Park. The “simplistic aesthetic” of the colorful ironing boards matches Marta Neves's project for the 31stBienal No-idea, inviting us, in a good-humored manner, to think about life as an occupation of the spaces that challenge us every day (understanding “space” as the entire territory of experience: work, leisure, love, family, doubts, desires).

September 7th, Sunday • 4 p.m.
in Time | Treme Terra Esculturas Sonoras

For 22 years now, Aderbal Ashogun has been promoting actions that bring together visual artists, masters of popular culture and religious leaders from traditional communities and peoples. The best-known work by master Aderbal is Treme Terra Esculturas Sonoras, which combines percussion, rhythm, poetry, urban culture and candomblé culture. As part of the opening events for the 31st Bienal, there will be a special large activity involving several communities in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.  

September 6th and 7th • 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Infinite Studios

The studios will be open for sessions varying in purpose and organized by Educativo Bienal. These spaces constitute a territory of collective invention for all publics. The events schedule will feature alternating voices to ensure the construction and debate of knowledge, featuring the participation from teachers, educators, artists and researchers.

images: 1) El Hadji Sy. photo: Pedro Ivo Trasferetti | Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, 2) No-ideas by Marta Neves 3) Mujeres Creando. photo: Leo Eloy | Fundação Bienal de São Paulo 4) Detail of project Of Other Worlds That Are in This One, by Tony Chakar 5) Courtesy: Marta Neves 6) Infinite Studios at 31st Bienal. photo: Sofia Colucci | Fundação Bienal de São Paulo


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