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Alejandra Riera and Ueinzz

[on the date of 3 September 2014]



– Abandoned cinema.
– Partial view. The removal of the Christopher Columbus statue, Parque Colón, Buenos Aires, February 2014.

— Visitor: Look, in the distance, the waves of ........., a flock, it’s ‘...........’.
— Guide: It’s impossible! They........ don’t, they no longer exist, in these parts.
— Visitor: And yet, look closely, over there, on the hills! It stinks! And if everything could be said and criticised, nothing would happen any more… Take off your glasses if you can’t see with them! Perhaps you will see through something else!
— Guide: Ah – the non-dupes wander again! Stop! Without glasses I can’t read, nor can I see clearly...
— Visitor: And yet you can feel the weight of things around you. Sense them. The finiteness and the relation among the things close by. You don’t like that I’m digressing, but you, you’re taking us for a ride to nowhere! You want the structure, the measures! You want to be reassured that what you see, what’s there, is yours because you say it is! And what about ‘free association’! The expression that allows everything that comes to mind to flow out and doesn’t resist the slightest criticism … to let out ... this ‘.........’; which cannot be said without? Why not let the birds come, even if they’ll hit the window with their beaks? If the window........., a puff of wind........, airy ........ AND........
— Guide: You’re pushing me TOO FAR! I give up!
— Visitor/Guide (together): Well then, let’s see! (laughter)



Meetings in front of the CECCO (Centro de Convivência e Cooperativa), an abandoned warehouse that temporarily housed the Cinemateca Brasileira – including a film club – after a major fire in 1957. Gate 5, Ibirapuera Park. First meeting on 3 September and subsequently every other Wednesday.


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