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Boxes and sacks on their backs
Ines Doujak and John Barker at the center of São Paulo.

"Boxes and sacks on their backs; trolleys and carts in the shafts; goods in, wrapping and packaging out. From Praca Republica down to the Mercado Municipal non-stop. Men with loads from here to there, or then a woman with a cart. Cardboard is money. Flattened boxes piled high, she’s struggling up the incline of the Praca Patriarca. There’s plenty of Patriarca down here, famous men in bulky statues. But no time to stop.  Brazil football t-shirts Made in China needed now. VW vans pull up loaded down porters waiting. From Unskilled Supermarket trolley to the higher plane of carts with crafted wooden wheels. And as the sun goes down it’s downmarket, the plastic bag on the shoulder, thrown-away beer cans is money. - Artists Ines Doujak and John Barker spent 2 months in residence at São Paulo to produce their artwork for 31st Bienal. These are their impressions.

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